Our design team will interview with you to gather more information from you to understand your needs. Our design team will discuss more ideas with you on products and design and will analyze the market trends and demands and your style to suggest product category to you and come up with a final decision on the product list.



After finalizing the product list, design team will go through the process from diagnostic to design for each proposed product. Our design team will research and analyze your style and your followers with current and future market demand to design the proposed products. You will recive a design package which includes design sketch, fabric swatch, trim swatch and measurements to finalize the design.

Our design team will work with you to create your unique fashion label, from picking the name to color scheme for your brand. We also provide logo design service to help you create a personalized logo which matches your style the most.

Our design team will provide packaging suggestion to influencers and come up with the final packaging design with influencers. Our production team will help producing and pack the items with the packaging.


After finalizing the design, we will move forward to sample making and alternation. The samples will be sent to you for review once they are ready. We will get feedbacks from you and will work with you to finalize all the samples. You will have (2 alternations) including in our package. We also offer more sample alternations for a low fee.

Once the samples are finalized, we will then send the work to our factories to process the bulk order production based on the agreed quantity. They will later on cut and sew and pack all goods. Our QC team will send out staff during and at the end of the production to check the quality. When our team confirm will all the goods, we will ship the products to our warehouse located in Los Angeles, CA and they will be ready to sell!

We will send our professional staffs to manage every stage in the supply chain, from design, material sourcing, production, quality control and logistics, making sure everything is on schedule and as promised.

Branding & Marketing

Our design team will work with you with your brand strategy, including your brand’s mission, help you define the key style for your brand; create a voice and statements that reflect you and your brand the most.